About Ryan's Wings

Ryan’s Wings was founded in 2015/2016 because of the tragic death of 26 year old Ryan Daniel Pappa due to an accidental prescription drug overdose. Our hope is to raise awareness through education about the dangers of using prescription drugs and to be able to raise funds to aid those in recovery with financial assistance for rent, food, clothes, transportation, and other incidentals.

Support in recovery is vital to people that suffer with substance abuse disorder. Ryan’s Wings aids those with resources for employment, schooling, transportation, and dealing with mental health issues.

“Lately, I’ve been missing Ryan… and maybe it’s because he wasn’t here for Christmas or my family and I have to go another year without him being with us. Whatever the reason is, I just want to take a moment to see what making one mistake could actually do to you. He did not mean to kill himself…that wasn’t his idea at all. He thought it would just help him take his mind off everything, that he would be just fine no matter what…well obviously that did not happen. People…take drugs like nothing. Some may do it for fun or even the same way…to help them. But people are dying for this and I can’t take it much longer. Most people even live and seeing this really hurts. It hurts by Ryan not wanting to hurt himself in any way but making his life be over by taking it once, maybe only a few times. People who take it many, many times getting to live?? I just doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t know…all I guess I’m saying is I really wish people would take a look at what it may actually do to you and actually stop hurting themselves more and more each day.”
– Kayli, Ryan’s sister