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Ryan’s Wings offers assistance with costs associated with rent for sober living, IOP (intensive outpatient support) and co-pays for medication needed for recovery. Please complete the form at the link below and submit it to We would love to be able to help everyone but will start with those that have the greatest need. Recovery is possible!


Due to the volume of requests for assistance this year 180 (with 150 approved), we unfortunately WILL NOT be accepting applications for assistance through February 1, 2022.  Our funding is running low.

Since the inception of Ryans Wings, we have NEVER had such a surge/increase in assistance requests.  Please note that the assistance we provide is based on need.  Although most of the assistance we provide helps people in the actual recovery journey and the costs associated with that; but also goes to needed items like clothing, food, transportation and even funerals.

If you have not been affected by this epidemic, you are fortunate.

Overdose deaths are now the leading killer of 18 to 45 year olds.

Thinking ahead to 2022, please consider donating to Ryans’s Wings.  We are on Venmo and you can also donate on our website at:

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